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ID Badge Holders

At identilam, our extensive array of badge holders, designed to accommodate ID cards and badges, offers a solution for everyone. Whether you’re an event planner seeking impeccable identification solutions, an institution in need of day-to-day badge holders, or a corporation in pursuit of a tailored identity card management system, our badge holders are the epitome of versatility, thoughtfully crafted to address your unique requirements.

From conferences and seminars to corporate offices, our badge holders excel in a multitude of settings. They seamlessly adapt to your distinct needs, making them a worthwhile choice for any scenario. Whether you require a single badge holder or a large quantity for a corporate ID card program, our options are meticulously designed to cater to your needs. As we keep convenience at the heart of our service, you can effortlessly place an order for your preferred badge holders directly through our online platform today, and we’ll promptly get back to you with a detailed quote.

Discover Our Reusable Plastic Badge Holders

Boost your event experience with our reusable plastic badge holders and customisable inserts that you can design through our user-friendly Badge&Print software. We offer a diverse range of sizes, including the option for custom dimensions, ensuring you find precisely what you need. To complete the professional look, consider our ID holder lanyards, which would perfectly complement your badges. Explore our comprehensive lanyard collection to discover the ideal match.

Our commitment to versatility means you’ll easily find the perfect badge holder to meet your unique requirements. Whether you require a silicone ID holder for RFID access cards, an environmentally responsible biodegradable card holder, or a practical and classic pin badge holder, we have a wide array of choices tailored to your preferences. Choose identilam for all your badge holder needs. We blend practicality with environmental consciousness, and a touch of sophistication.

  • sustainable

    Reusable Badge Holders

    Our commitment to sustainability extends to our badge holders. Collect them after each event, and they’re ready to serve you again. This eco-conscious approach minimises waste and contributes to a circular economy.

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    Recyclable Badge Holder Options

    We offer recyclable options or a number of different sized Badge Holders. When you no longer have need of the holders, don’t worry about waste, they can easily be recycled, contributing to a circular economy.

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    Fast turnaround

    We prioritise prompt service, maintaining a steady supply of Stock Badges. They are consistently in stock and ready for your order, ensuring delivery within 3 days of placing your order.

Plastic Wallets

Large event name Badge Holders

Our name badge holders are crafted from high-quality, recyclable PVC. These eco-friendly holders are not only durable but also reusable, making them an excellent choice for large events. After your event ends, simply collect them for future use, swapping out the badge inserts as needed. What sets these holders apart is their versatility; they feature a slot and two pre-punched holes in the top section. This ingenious design allows them to double as lanyard badge holders, streamlining the identification process. While we keep standard sizes in stock, we also offer the flexibility to create custom sizes, tailoring both your ID holder and lanyard to your preferences.

Clear wallets

Clear name Badge Holders

Our clear plastic name badge holders are constructed from robust acrylic, ensuring their durability over multiple uses. They’re an eco-friendly choice as they can be reused after each event. Just collect them at the end of your event and effortlessly update them with fresh printable inserts for the next occasion. To accommodate a variety of needs, we offer clear name badge holders in different sizes and provide an array of clip and magnet attachments. Whether you require Company ID card holders, event badge holders, or something for a distinct occasion, our comprehensive selection has you covered. These holders, designed for versatility, are a cost-effective, sustainable solution that will align with your commitment to both quality and the environment.

Discover Badges That Don't Need Badge Holders

You may not always need plastic badge holders. In these cases, we provide a refreshing alternative to traditional plastic badge holders—our extensive collection of custom-printed and printable badges! These badges are robust enough to be affixed directly to our lanyards, eliminating the need for a plastic ID holder. 

Our custom-printed badges come in a variety of eye-catching designs, allowing you to promote your brand or event theme with flair. Additionally, they can be printed swiftly by you onsite (using one of our printers) or through our printing services, making them a practical choice for your last-minute badging needs. Whether you’re organising a corporate conference, educational seminar, or a high-energy music festival, these badges offer a sustainable and versatile way to manage identification.

Pre printed no holder badges

Pre-printed no Holder Badges

Embrace sustainability and get creative with our plastic badge selections and our recyclable badge options. Whether you’re looking for eco-friendly options or a canvas for imaginative designs, our selection caters to both. Our recyclable badges offer an environmentally responsible solution for your badging needs. Made with materials that prioritise sustainability, they can easily be recycled after use, contributing to a greener event experience. For those seeking more creative freedom, our plastic badges come in various shapes and can be adorned with a range of printing effects. These badges are custom-printed to your specifications, allowing you to convey your event’s unique theme or brand identity with precision.

A hole is pre-punched in each badge, ensuring effortless attachment to lanyards. This feature enhances convenience and saves time during event preparations. By opting for these pre-printed, no holder badges, you forgo the need for plastic ID holders. Whether you’re planning a conference, trade show, or festival, these badges provide a versatile and eco-friendly solution to meet your identification needs while minimising waste and environmental impact.

printable no holder badge

Printable no holder badges

Empower yourself to deliver on your best during the event planning process with our printable badges, designed for seamless onsite badge printing. These badges are a popular choice for event organisers who value efficiency and customisation. Our Registration printable badges are renowned for their rapid printing capabilities. You can have a badge printed on both sides in just 6 seconds, saving precious time during the hustle and bustle of event preparations. This quick, hassle-free printing ensures that you can easily meet the demands of a fast-paced event environment. Printable badges are an excellent choice for conferences, seminars, and events where real-time badge production is essential. They offer convenience and efficiency without sacrificing quality. Moreover, these badges are designed for direct attachment to lanyards, meaning that your attendees can receive their badges and wear them with minimal waiting time.

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