Badges on a budget with reusable badges holders

Badges on a budget with reusable badges holders

Matching inserts and holders

Plastic badge holders and matching inserts are a safe choice to create badges for your event. We have multiple sizes available and the inserts can be easily customised for each event, using our Badge&Print software.

  • sustainable
  • Recyclable options
  • Fast turnaround
Large event badge holders

They are made from top grade, recyclable PVC. You can collect them after your event and reuse them multiple times with new badge inserts. The wallets have a slot and two holes pre-punched into the top section for lanyards. We have standard sizes in stock and can manufacture custom sizes.

Clear name badge holders

The acrylic material ensures they are durable enough to be used for multiple events. You can simply collect them at the end of each event and update them with new printable inserts. We offer various sizes and a range of clip and magnet attachments to adapt to your needs.

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    Print your badge inserts with our Badge&Print software

    Before your event

    • Create your design with Badge&Print
    • Upload your attendee details
    • Print the badge inserts in the order you want
    • Place them in clear badge holders

    During your event

    • Place the badges on trays (ask for our options)
    • Distribute the badges with matching lanyards
    • Collect the reusable holders for your next event

    Discover our badges that don't need holders

    Holders are not always needed. We have a large selection of custom-printed and printable badges that are strong enough to be directly attached to the lanyards.

    Pre-printed no holder badges

    Get sustainable with our idgreen recyclable badges or get creative with our idpremium plastic badges with various printing effect and custom shapes. They are provided custom-printed and pre-punched with a hole to be easily attached to your lanyards.

    Printable no holder badges

    If you prefer to print your badges yourself, discover our idhesive printable badges. These are our most popular badges for onsite badge printing. That is because they can be printed on both side in just 6 seconds and be directly attached to lanyards.