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Welcome to our comprehensive selection of lanyards and Lanyard Attachments, where functionality meets style, and customisation is at your fingertips. Our extensive range offers event planners, institutions, and corporate clients a versatile and practical solution to their identification and branding needs. Explore our selection, including custom, eco friendly, and plain options. Custom Lanyards are a canvas for your brand, allowing you to create a powerful visual identity, while our Eco friendly Lanyards provide an eco-conscious choice without compromising style. For those who prefer simplicity, our Plain Lanyards offer understated elegance. Design and place your order online today to take the first step in elevating your brand and enhancing your identification process.

A Wide Range of Printed and Plain Lanyards to Suit Your Requirements

At identilam, we’re your partners in making your brand stand out. Our extensive selection of lanyards, both printed and plain, caters to your every requirement. We understand that your needs may vary, but rest assured, we have the perfect solution for you. No matter your timeline, budget, or brand guidelines, we’re here to help you find the ideal solution. Our options are as diverse as your needs. For a quick and convenient solution, explore our plain stock options, which are ready for immediate dispatch. Or, if making a statement is your goal, delve into our range of Event Lanyards designed to make you and your sponsors stand out.

Our online designer tool empowers you to create bespoke conference lanyards, infusing them with your unique brand identity. With a few clicks, you can craft pieces that not only hold badges but also tell your brand’s story. You can design online and complete your purchase, or if you prefer a personal touch, don’t hesitate to give us a call for a custom quote.

Lanyards from identilam


Lanyards, also known as neck straps, are extremely versatile and have many uses outside  of simply being  a means of carrying or displaying conference and event badges, security passes or staff ID cards. Printed Lanyards are used as  promotional items to raise brand awareness, and  Event Lanyards can carry a sponsor’s logo or message at conferences, festivals or exhibitions.

They offer a valuable solution for precisely distinguishing between different groups of event delegates, venue entrants, or office occupants. Through strategic colour-coding or branding variations, you can effectively categorise individuals, such as distinguishing between Delegates, Speakers, and Staff at an event, or designating roles like Staff, Visitors, and Temporary Staff in a corporate setting. This clear visual identification simplifies access control and enhances the overall organisation and efficiency of your event or facility. 

We offer a selection that includes custom made, eco friendly, and plain lanyards, to suit a variety of needs and purposes.In addition, our lanyards are ideal for carrying ID cards or event badges. The many different attachments available enables them to be used for carrying a variety of other items such as keys, mobile phones, penholders, water bottles, whistles and bottle openers.

How do I order Lanyards?

For our eco friendly, plain, or custom lanyards you’ll need to consider the following…

Choosing the right colour and design is crucial for ensuring that your lanyards not only serve their functional purpose but also align with your branding and aesthetic preferences. Consider the following factors:

  • Colour variety: if you need lanyards in multiple colours to match different groups or to create a vibrant visual impact, we’ve got you covered.
  • Detailed design: if you aim to capture intricate details or incorporate specific patterns or branding elements, it’s essential to choose a neck strap that can accommodate these requirements seamlessly.
  • Pantone matching: for a precisely matched colour scheme that aligns with your brand’s identity, we offer Pantone colour matching, ensuring your selection perfectly match your chosen colours.
  • Text and logos: consider whether you want text only on your personalised Printed Lanyards or if you also wish to incorporate logos or other visual elements. This decision plays a significant role in the overall design and impact of your piece.

At identilam, we understand that lanyards serve not only as functional accessories but also as branding tools, and your choice of colours, designs, and whether to include text or logos can significantly influence their appearance and effectiveness.

When choosing the ideal size, consider your specific needs and preferences. We offer a variety of widths, allowing you to tailor your lanyards to fit your requirements precisely. Remember that thicker straps can accommodate more extensive branding, while length determines how the strap is worn – around the neck or wrist. The options include:

  • 10mm lanyards: these are sleek and unobtrusive, suitable for a more subtle appearance.
  • 15mm lanyards: slightly wider for those who desire something that’s noticeable without being too bold.
  • 20mm lanyards: striking a balance between visibility and comfort, these larger straps offer a versatile choice when it comes to printing designs.
  • 25mm lanyards: if you want a bold and attention-grabbing option, the 25mm size is perfect for your needs.

Whether you prefer a discreet and lightweight option or something broader and more prominent, this diverse range of sizes ensures that you can cater to your event’s aesthetic and practical requirements. These different widths not only accommodate your stylistic choices but also offer the comfort and usability you desire for carrying ID cards or other items.

Choosing the right attachments is a critical aspect of customising lanyards to meet your specific needs. Consider the following options:

  • Quick release safety breakaway: as a standard feature, we always recommend the quick release safety breakaway. This ensures that the lanyard can easily be detached for safety purposes, preventing accidents in case it gets caught or pulled.
  • Attachment variety: we understand that different purposes require different attachments. That’s why we offer a diverse selection of attachment options to match your intended use.
  • Popular choices: common attachment options include clips, buckles, and badge reels. Clips provide a simple and secure way to attach items to your lanyard. Buckles offer added security and convenience, allowing users to easily detach the lanyard or adjust its length. Badge reels are ideal for holding ID cards or badges, providing quick and easy access when needed.

We aim to provide you with lanyards that not only match your design preferences but also suit your functional requirements. Whether they are intended for event badges, identification cards, or other uses, selecting the right attachments is crucial.

About identilam

identilam has been a pioneer in lanyard printing since the 1990s. With decades of experience, we produce hundreds of thousands of items each year. Our dedication to quality and efficiency has made us a trusted name in the industry.

We take pride in our consistent production of high-quality lanyards. We understand the importance of having durable, reliable options available for various purposes, from events to corporate settings. You can count on our lanyards to meet your expectations and more. In every operation, we understand that time is often of the essence. That’s why we maintain quick manufacturing lead times. Whether you need something for an upcoming event or to equip your staff, our efficient processes ensure that your order is ready when you need it. We understand the significance of meeting tight deadlines, and our track record proves our ability to deliver. You can trust us to provide what you need, precisely when you need them.

For more detailed insights into our history, values, and the exceptional team behind identilam, we invite you to explore our About Us page. There, you’ll discover what drives us, our commitment to excellence, and the passion that fuels our services.