Use barcode badges for fast check-in and attendance tracking

Use barcode badges for fast check-in and attendance tracking

Why add a barcode to your conference badges?

Barcodes are an inexpensive and reliable way to control access and monitor attendance at a conference or event. They are also a great way to speed up your check-in process. All identilam badges can be customised with barcodes.

  • On-site services
    Fast check-in
  • Access control
  • Attendance tracking

Barcode badges for onsite printing

Barcode badges process

Before your event, generate unique barcodes using our Badge&Print software and send them to attendees with our Badge&Track plug-in. During your event, scan barcode emails for fast check-in and badge printing. Then, scan the badges for access control and attendance monitoring.

Barcode badge readers

We have a range of handheld and desktop barcode scanners. You can purchase them if you have multiple events per year, or just rent them for the duration of your event. If you are choosing a full onsite badging service, we will come with our own scanners and can even provide more for your staff.


“The scanners worked perfectly for our event and the extract of the data went smoothly. Installing the software on the machines was easy and the process to follow was simple. We are very satisfied.”

SunGard - Event Manager

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    Design tips for barcode badges

    Place the barcode on a white or very light background so that it can be easily read by your scanners. If you are scanning the badges frequently during your event, it is recommended to put the barcode on the front. If you are only scanning the badges at the entrance and have a creative design that does not really work with a barcode, don’t hesitate to put it at the back.

    RFID contactless technology

    RFID is an alternative technology for access control and attendance tracking. Our custom-printed RFID badges contain an encapsulated microchip that operates with any RFID system. They are waterproof to protect the chip in case of outdoor usage. If you prefer to print badges yourself, including onsite, our printable pvc badges can also be provided with RFID chips.

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