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25th April 2023

Build & Break teams ... don't worry, we've got you!

Build & break teams are the unsung hero’s of events, working together through all hours, weathers and challenges to deliver the experiences we all love and crave. Identilam and with the help of our sister; ID&C, have got you covered for all your access control and accreditation.


Don’t worry, we’ve  got you!

Temporary structures are a great way to get your team together and working on a project. They’re also a good way to get people out of the office, which can be beneficial for team morale, in an industry that tends to be seasonal.

Temporary health and safety regulations apply when creating temporary structures or using them as part of your business operations; however, these rules differ from those governing permanent buildings because they’re not meant to last forever–they just need enough stability so that no one gets hurt!

Before the site is the site the punters come to love it does tend to look like a building site.  Lanyards with hardwearing passes like our Agave biodegradable PVC cards for organisers, or bamboo wristbands, which an naturally antibacterial for wearing over extended periods of time.  We all know how grim your wristband can get, especially in manual labour roles.

Temporary structures

Temporary structures are often used for events, exhibitions, and conferences. Temporary structures are also known as portable buildings or modular buildings or stage rigging for outdoor live entertainment. These are built quickly on site without the need for foundations or concrete footings.

Health and safety

Health and safety is about protecting people. It’s about making sure that you’re safe at work and that your colleagues are too.

Health and safety is a way of managing risk, so if something happens, it can be dealt with quickly and effectively.  Our software can aid with seeing who has entered a site and for any marshalling purposes such as roll calls.

Access control

Access control is the process of restricting access to a facility or site. Access control can be achieved by a combination of physical barriers and human supervision; however, it is often implemented through the use of an access control system. An access control system allows for the management of who has permission to enter or exit a specific area at any given time. The most common types of access controls include:

Wristbands –  a great way to identify your staff, whether that is colour or material type.  There are many other benefits to using Bamboo bands.  Naturally antibacterial, hard wearing, are sustainable and can be recycled by us.

Lanyards – VIP’s to Event organisers, can print prior to the event or onsite depending on your events needs.  They can also be used for other purposes, like holding keys or ID badges.

Bag tagging – Tyvek bands attached to bags post security checks, demonstrating the check has taken place on that individual.

RFID readers – They can also help with health and safety, access control, or badging.  A faster alternative to QR or barcode scanning, offered in conjunction with our integrators.  They can be used to read the ID of a person or item, but they can also be used to track the location of people or items.

Passes – Passes are used to control access to a site, ideal for health and safety reasons, such as controlling who enters a site.  Passes can also act as identification measures; this is especially important when it comes to hiring new employees or contractors who will be working alongside existing staff members.



We hope that this blog has given you a glimpse into the world of temporary events. While we’ve only covered one of the many different types of builds and breaks, it should be clear that there are many more applications for our products. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about our solutions, please reach out to us at