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Printable Registration Badges

Express Next Day Delivery when you order before 2pm and select ‘Next Day Delivery’ at checkout.

Our Printable Registration Badges for onsite badge printing, are the epitome of simplicity. Just print. Peel. Stick. It’s that straightforward!
We provide you with three options for materials, allowing you to tailor your badges to your precise needs. So, for those looking for durability, flexibility, or a blend of both, we have a solution to match. Whether you’re preparing for a high-profile conference, securing your campus, or streamlining access within your organisation or event location, our printable registration badges are the answer.
Time is often of the essence when planning an event or managing a corporate function. That’s why we offer Express Delivery. Design your badge and place your order online before 2 pm, and you can select Next Day Delivery at checkout to have these badges delivered to your doorstep the very next day. This speedy service ensures you have your badges when you need them, sparing you the stress of last-minute preparations.


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Our best Registration Badges for Onsite Badge Printing

These printable badges are supplied as labels in a convenient fan fold format. For ease of use, and to get the best out of your badges, here’s how it works:

*First, both sides of the badges are printed simultaneously a process that can take just 6 seconds if you use using our Express Badge Printer.

*Once printed, simply peel the labels and stick the two sides together.

*Finally, you can attach event lanyards directly to the pre-punched badges.

At Identilam, we believe in the power of branding. That’s why we offer a custom design option for your badges. You can design your Printable Registration Badges  online today using our intuitive Badge&Print software, ensuring your badges align perfectly with your organisation‘s branding guidelines. Whether you want to include logos, specific colours, or other design elements, our custom design option puts you in full control of the badge’s appearance.

  • Design service

    Custom design

    You have the freedom to design your badges online with our intuitive Badge&Print software, ensuring your badges match your event’s branding and identity.

  • Print on site

    Fast printing

    Our Express badge printer can churn out badges at an impressive rate of 6 seconds per badge, ensuring your attendees receive their badges swiftly.

  • Fast Delivery icon

    Fast turnaround

    We understand the importance of prompt service, so we ensure a consistent supply of badges. Our Printable Registration Badges are always in stock and ready for your order

What Our customers say

“We have used the new badges at three events so far and absolutely love them. They make our badging so much easier and faster. Being able to print them on both sides and just stick them together has saved a lot of time for our staff. When you’re making 500+ badges it makes a big difference!”

Marketing and Partnership Executive, CLA ( The Country Land and Business Association)

Our Adhesive Printable Registration Badges are incredibly popular for onsite printing, thanks to their remarkable speed and versatility. When you use our state-of-the-art Express Badge Printer, these badges can be printed in full colour in a mere 6 seconds. This remarkable speed is a game-changer for event planners, businesses, and institutions who often find themselves working against the clock.
That being said, we understand that every organisation has unique needs and varying printing setups. While our Express Badge Printer is a fantastic choice for those seeking swift onsite badge production, we also provide alternative options for those who would prefer to use their existing office printers. This flexibility ensures that you can choose the badge production method that best suits your needs, whether you’re looking for lightning-fast onsite printing or a more budget-friendly solution using your existing office equipment. Our goal is simple: we want to empower you with options.

Badge Printing

Registration badges for standard printers

Our Printable Registration Badges are available in A5 format, making them compatible with standard office printers. The speed at which each badge prints will be determined by the capabilities of your particular office printer and the complexity of your badge design. Less intricate designs will print quickly, while more detailed or colourful designs may take a little longer to print due to the increased data that your printing software will need to process. Even with complex designs, however, our Printable Registration Badges ensure that you can efficiently produce professional-quality badges.

Plastic Wallets

Paper inserts for reusable holders

For events where badges need to be printed beforehand we offer a range of printable badge inserts. These inserts can also conveniently be printed on using your standard office printer, and inserted into our reusable badge holders. This not only streamlines your event’s check-in process, but also promotes sustainability by reducing single-use badge waste.

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    Discover our onsite check-in and badge printing service

    Discover our onsite check-in and badge printing service