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ID Cards

Identilam has perfected the art of crafting custom ID cards. Our wide array of badging solutions empowers you to swiftly and effortlessly print top-tier, personalised ID cards. Whether you’re an event planner, part of an institution, or a corporation, our custom ID cards are expertly tailored to fulfil your unique needs. Inject your cards with personal touches, like names, photos, branding, and custom colours for effortless identification.

You have the freedom to print these Custom ID Cards yourself before and during your event, or to order pre-printed cards directly from us before your event. However you choose to print, partner with us to ensure that  your next event or organisational procedures run with unparalleled ease.

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Quality ID Badges you can print yourself onsite or design online

Onsite badge printing is a growing trend, and we provide the tools to keep you ahead.! Our ID badges are compatible with our specialist plastic card printers, enabling you to print badges as needed. You can even pre-punch the cards for easy attachment to lanyards, making the registration process a breeze. We also offer plastic card holders to complete your setup.

  • RFID
    RFID options

    or those seeking additional security and convenience, we offer RFID options. Integrate RFID technology into your ID cards for access control, time tracking, and more.

  • Printers
    Printable onsite

    Experience hassle-free onsite printing with Identilam’s plastic card printers. Whether at events or within your organisation, our printers deliver convenience, allowing you to print cards with ease right when you need them.

  • Fast Delivery icon
    Fast turnaround

    We understand the importance of prompt service, so we ensure a consistent supply of cards and badges. Our Custom ID Cards are always in stock and ready for fast dispatch when you order.


“The card printers performed brilliantly. Everyone was really pleased with how the badges looked and how efficient and simple the system was.”

Beaver Communications, Adidas Olympic Hospitality


“The team has always been responsive, flexible and professional to our complex needs and demands of a modern retail business.”

Human resources manager – Lookers

Unlocking the Best Solution for You with Custom ID Card Printing

When it comes to managing identifications for events, schools, and businesses, the ability to print custom ID cards onsite or through identilam offers a multitude of advantages. Ultimately, it’s about facilitating ultimate convenience for you and your attendees or employees. Onsite printing with our ID Card Printer, which can print more than 170 cards per hour, eliminates the reliance on external suppliers, providing you with real-time, on-demand card production. This flexibility becomes crucial when navigating dynamic events or adapting to unforeseen changes.

Customisation takes the spotlight with Identilam. You have the power to personalise cards with names, logos, and branding, creating a tangible sense of recognition and belonging among attendees or employees. Moreover, it’s a cost-effective solution, eradicating waste from ordering pre-printed ID cards that might go unused. Whether it’s the speed, flexibility, personalisation, or cost-efficiency, onsite ID card printing via Identilam stands out as the smartest decision for efficient and tailored identification management.

The perfect printer for Custom ID Card printing

Our ID card printer is designed for efficient card production, capable of printing a minimum of 170 ID cards per hour. This Evolis ID printer is not only reliable but also remarkably lightweight, enhancing its portability. It excels in double-sided, full-colour printing for both our standard ID cards and eco-friendly ID cards. Whether you need to print cards onsite or offsite, it seamlessly integrates as part of our comprehensive identity management solution. It supports edge-to-edge printing, offers customisable resolutions, and comes with multiple connectivity options.

Opt for seamless branding with matching lanyards

At identilam, we’re not only taking care of your ID card needs but we’ll also cover your lanyard requirements. These vibrant full-colour lanyards are ideal for showcasing the consistency of your brand at every event, doubling as an effective identification tool. Crafted from soft, smooth satin material, they come equipped with standard safety breaks and dog clips for added convenience. Whether you need to promote your brand at shows, conferences, or other events, these lanyards are the perfect choice

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