custom lanyards

Use custom lanyards as statement pieces for your brand and your event

Use custom lanyards as statement pieces for your brand and your event

No limit to your creativity on our custom lanyard range

Explore the options available to you using our bespoke lanyards. Designs and textures to match your company branding or event. Fully customisable in size, design and attachment options, your chance to build the perfect lanyard for your needs. Perfect to pair with any of our badge ranges. The complete package!

Dye Sub Lanyards

These polyester lanyards have a smooth, silky, ribbon like feel and premium quality appearance.

Dye sublimation is a four-colour printing process which enables near photo quality images to be added to the lanyards.

There is no limit to the number of colours used in a design and gradients are also possible, giving you freedom in your design.


Screen Printed Lanyards

Screen printing applies each colour separately on top of a dyed base, which allows us to match your brand’s exact Pantone colours and achieve bright, vivid colours.

This is best suited for simple designs, it is eye catching and really effective.

A number of base materials are available for this type of printing, such as flat polyester, tubular polyester, nylon and satin applique.


Embroidered Lanyards

Embroidery consists of weaving your design into the lanyard using fine, close Pantone matched threads.

This is a very durable options as the colours will not fade during long-term use.

Best suited to simple but eye catching designs to really make the most of the lanyard.

For a more luxurious look, we can also use gold, silver or bronze metallic threads.

How do I order custom lanyards?

Do you need multiple colours or to capture a lot of detail? Do you want a pantone matched base colour with a stand out contrast colour print?

We have a range of widths to choose from: 10mm, 15mm, 20mm, 25mm.

We would always recommend a quick release safety breakaway. We also have a large selection of attachments available to match the use of your lanyard. Popular choices are clips, buckles or badge reels.

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    Discover our choice of lanyard attachments

    Clips, reels and more

    Badge reels allow quick and easy access to ID badges and passes. They clip to pockets or belts with a fitted steel clip and attach to a lanyard or pass with a PVC lock. Retractable badge reels are used for events or in fixed offices and venues where staff need to display and frequently use ID cards and name badges. Choose from plain stock or speak to our team and designs a product with your branding in place for all to see.

    Breakaway lanyards

    With PVC safety breaks included as standard the lanyard will release if tension is applied. These breakaways can be pantone matched to your branding or design. Some healthcare sites recommend more than one break point, and we are always happy to accommodate this, speak to our team about your requirements.

    Original accessories

    Does your event require something different to help attendees enjoy their time? Bottle holders and openers are an interesting touch, and perhaps work well with the event sponsors. From whistles to USB sticks, mobile attachments to VIP motorsport pass holders. We are able to produce what you need to make your accreditation stand out and remain functional.