Photo ID cards for staff & contractors

Photo ID cards for staff & contractors

Discover our range of corporate ID badges

Secure access to your facilities and streamline internal services with our corporate ID cards

How to make company ID cards?

Making plastic ID cards requires specialist software and equipment. You can either manage that in-house with our ID card system or let us do everything for you. Give us a call and we will advise you of the best option depending on your business needs.


Use our all-in-one system to print staff ID cards in-house

We can supply you with our all-in-one ID card system to create your ID cards in-house. This way, you have full control over your ID card design and can produce different styles to denote categories such as employees, contractors or visitors, all with full colour logos, designs, photos and variable data. You can also add security features to prevent counterfeiting.

Or let us print your ID badges for you on demand

Alternatively, if you don’t have the time and internal resource or would prefer not to invest in specialist equipment, we can provide a full identity management service from hosting your database to printing and dispatching ID cards on demand based on your requirements. We also provide a free design service for your ID cards and your lanyards.

What type of ID badge should i choose?

RFID control

Choose RFID cards to control access and streamline services

RFID smart cards can of course be used to control access to your facilities, but they can also be used for many purposes, including time & attendance tracking, cashless vending and data protection. Unlike magnetic stripe or barcoded cards, this is a contactless technology that only requires close proximity to the RFID reader to transmit data. We can supply most major manufacturers RFID cards including Mifare, HID, Paxton, TDSI and Indala. Offering an ideal and secure solution for staff and business ID cards.

ID cards

Choose quality blank plastic ID cards for simple visual verification

If you only use ID cards for a visual verification, then you can choose our blank plastic cards. We stock a large range of coloured options (blue, cream, gold, green, pink, silver, yellow, etc.).

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    Let us host your staff ID database and print ID cards on demand

    Let us host your staff ID database and print ID cards on demand

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