Reusable name badges for your staff

Reusable name badges for your staff

Explore our range of name badges for corporate events

choose from a range of printable corporate name badge designs and recyclable name badge holders

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How to make name badges

Reusable name badges are cost-effective and eco-friendly. You can reuse the name badge holder and attachment and simply change the inserts whenever needed. You can design and print inserts using our software and a standard inkjet or laser printer, or we can print them for you in large quantities.

We offer 2 reusable name badge holders options. Our custom name badge holders can be personalised with any design. They come into 3 sizes (74×55 mm, 86x54mm and 95x62mm) and we can manufacture the window size to your specifications. Our standard semi-rigid name badge holders are manufactured in a clear acrylic folded plastic material for durability. They are available in 4 sizes (42 x 75 mm, 58 x 90 mm, 67 x 95 mm and 75 x 105 mm).

We offer a large choice of swivel clips, pin and clips as well as magnetic bar strips. The magnetic attachments have several advantages : they are discreet, they cause no damage to clothing and allow the wearing of the badge where pockets or lapels are not available and therefore not suited to conventional clips.

We supply the paper inserts on perforated sheets, either pre-printed with your logo (ready for overprint) or blank ready for you to produce with your own name badge designs with your choice of graphics and personalised data, using our software and any standard laser or inkjet printer. The design capabilities are endless : add your company logos, backgrounds, embellishments and colour coding to indicate access privileges. We are also able to produce and print your name badges for you as part of our printing service.

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    Let us host your staff ID database and print ID cards on demand

    Let us host your staff ID database and print ID cards on demand

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