ID Card Holders

From RFID card holders, to clear wallets and retractable badge reels. Browse our range of ID card holders and accessories.

From RFID card holders, to clear wallets and retractable badge reels. Browse our range of ID card holders and accessories.

ID Card Holders

Rigid ID badge holder

Our recyclable rigid ID card holders provide added protection for your ID badges and prolong their life span which helps reduce reissue rates. They are ideal as RFID badge holders as they prevent excessive flexing which could cause damage to the RFID chip, and for use as standard plastic ID card holders in hostile working environments such as plants or construction sites.

rigid wallets

Open card holders

Open rigid ID badge holders

rigid walets

Card holder

Closed rigid plastic card holder

rigid wallets

Card holders pair

Multi-card rigid holders

Our open rigid ID card holders are made from polypropylene which makes them recyclable and reduces ageing and cracking. They are suitable for credit card size plastic cards. We offer multiple colours and provide both portrait and landscape orientation options.

Our closed rigid ID card holders are made of recyclable clear transparent polycarbonate. They are robust and weather wearing. They are available in landscape or portrait in credit card size and are customisable.

Our multi-card holders are capable of fitting credit card sized ID badges up to 5 ISO (0.76mm thickness) effortlessly. Cards are easily accessible and readable. These holders are recyclable and available in landscape and portrait orientation.

Flexible clear wallets

All our flexible clear wallets are made from top grade, recyclable PVC, making them a lightweight and cost-effective wallet. The thick PVC is double welded to ensure they maintain their shape, look and clarity even in harsh environments. As manufacturers, we are capable of producing custom size clear wallets and plastic card holders to fit your business requirements. All of our clear wallets are traceable, high quality and have a fast turnaround. Each wallet is fitted with a slot or two holes pre-punched enabling the attachment of retractable badge reels (also recyclable), lanyards and straps!

Flexible wallets

flexible wallet

Single ID card wallets

Flexible Wallets

Multi ID card folding wallets

Flexible Wallets

Corporate ID cards

Weather resistant wallets

Our single ID card wallets are made of recyclable PVC. They are fitted with a slot or two holes pre-punched ready for attachments. With double strength tops these wallets are reinforced and durable, whilst still being cost-effective.

Our folding flexible clear wallets provide permanent and durable protection for passes. They are manufactured almost exclusively to client specifications and recyclable. They are often used by Universities, Transport companies, Libraries and Sporting Venues.

Our weather resistant ID card holders are our most durable clear wallet options. They have a seal at the top to prevent anything from getting inside, continuously maintaining its attractive clear look and avoiding spoiling the badges inside. They come with slots and holes ready for attachments. These wallets would be perfect for outdoor workers.

ID badge reels

Retractable badge reels, also known as yo-yos, are ideal in an environment where an ID card or badge has to be swiped or presented to a reader for access control in a business environment. We have a wide range of retractable badge reels in different shapes, sizes, colours and materials. To enhance corporate identity, the reels can be customized with a logo or brand message


Metal badge reels

Our metal ID cards badge reels are our most durable option. The surface of the badge reel can be engraved or etched with a logo or text. The pull cord is mostly made of hard wearing nylon, a wire type material for heavy duty use.


Plastic badge reels

Our plastic retractable badge reels are lightweight and easy to wear making it a practical tool for the office environment. They can be printed with a logo or a message.

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