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Barcode Badges

Lead Time: 5 Days

Product Summary


Learn how these innovative solutions can benefit your organisation. Barcoded badges and barcode cards offer a comprehensive solution to enhance security, streamline processes or improve overall efficiency of your event. By leveraging the power of barcode technology, organisations can achieve accurate identity verification, strengthen access control, and optimise various operational workflows. Whether it’s for attendance tracking, secure access, or efficient inventory management, barcoded badges are the key to unlocking a safer and more productive future for your organisation. Benefits include seamlessly Integrate with existing systems, versatile and customised solutions for diverse and unique needs, streamlining processes boosts productivity and enhance security to strengthen access control and identity verification.

Size: 70mm x 100mm as standard (Custom shapes & sizes available)
Print: Full colour print including Barcode or QR code
Additional Options: Variable Data, Serialisation, Foiling, Matt Finish, Holographic security stickers