Monitor attendance with our event tracking software

Monitor attendance with our event tracking software

Why choose Badge&Track badge tracker software?

Our Badge&Track software developed by our UK-based engineers enables you to track, control and report on delegate attendance to your event. It comes as a plug-in module with our badge printing software or can be included in our onsite service.

  • On-site services
    Barcode email

    option to enable fast onsite check-in and badge printing

  • Badge scanners

    to control access to your event and track attendance

  • Custom report

    on delegate attendance (date and time)


“The scanners worked perfectly for our event and the extract of the data went smoothly. Installing the software on the machines was easy and the process to follow was simple. We are very satisfied.”

SunGard - Event Manager

Barcode scanner attendance system

Barcodes are an inexpensive and reliable way to control access and record attendance at a conference or an event. Using our badge printing software, you can generate a unique serial number for each attendee record which will then be printed as a barcode on the event badge. When used with Badge&Track, your barcode badges can then be read using a barcode scanner. We have handheld and desktop barcode scanners available for purchase or rental for the duration of your event.

RFID attendance tracking system

RFID is a contactless technology using electromagnetic waves to transmit data. More expensive than the barcode technology, it provides a more seamless experience for your delegates. We have a range of RFID badges for you to choose from and a selection of handheld, desktop and wall mounted RFID readers available for purchase or rental for the duration of your event. RFID readers can also operate over a wifi network, enabling real time monitoring and reporting on attendance.

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    A trusted event tracking software

    With 35 years of experience in delegate identification and a team of UK-based developers, we are able to offer a powerful delegate tracking system. Our UK-based support team can train and help your staff to ensure a smooth control and tracking process.

    Queen’s Diamond Jubliee

    Our Badge&Track software as been used as part of our event badge production service for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations in central London in June 2012.

    Our systems were operational on-site in the accreditation offices in Green Park, Constitution Hill and Link Road. On issue each accreditation pass was scanned with a barcode reader to enable reporting on the time and date of collection.

    Nigerian Economic Summit

    Our Badge&Track software has been used by the organisers of the Nigerian Economic Summit in Abuja since 2017. This annual event brings together key figures from Government and both the private and public sectors to discuss development issues and economic policies across Nigeria.

    Badges were printed with barcodes and the staff used handheld BadgeScan barcode readers to track delegate attendance over the 3 days, with live scanning and reporting to monitor attendance at plenary and breakout sessions.

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