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3rd October 2017

Choose the right lanyards for you

There are so many options available when it comes to purchasing lanyards that it can become very confusing and difficult to decide which ones are right for you. We have a number of pages on our website with the various options of materials, attachments and printing methods.

To help you make the best choice it is worth first considering the environment in which the lanyards come to be used.

Lanyards for the office, workplace or schools:

Lanyards to be used in offices or schools need to be practical and cost effective, which is why our screen printed polyester are a popular choice. These can be printed with a logo, organisations name or even used to denote category of the wearer e.g. Staff, Visitor or Student. A safety breakaway device is essential of course; however you can also make your lanyards do more for you by adding perhaps a badge reel or even a USB stick.

Lanyards for more formal conferences:

For formal events that might be attended in business attire then something such as a dye sublimated print method as they look professional and are smooth, silky. Perhaps a 16mm width with a single dog clip or a dog clip on either end to hold a wallet with a badge or agenda in. If you are looking for something a bit smaller and more understated then go for a 10mm width it will still look great.

 Lanyards for outdoor events:

Chunkier lanyards are more popular for outdoor events, with the increased size giving opportunity for branding or sponsorship. These lanyards can include snap buckles as well as a breakaway, along with high vis strips or bright neon colours for adding safety. Additional add-ons for outdoor events include a bottle holder, whistle and a mobile phone attachment.

Lanyards for motorsport:

Embroidered lanyards are particularly popular for motorsport events with a metal ‘pit pass’ type attachment on the end to hold a PVC badge.

Ultimately the choice is yours but hopefully this guide will make it easier to decide which lanyard style best suits your event needs. If you are still unsure or just fancy a chat about what could work for your event then give us a call on 01293 851711 or drop us an email on and we are happy to help.