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Home » Blog » The Green Eyed Monster: Top tips to make event badging more eco friendly

15th March 2019

The Green Eyed Monster: Top tips to make event badging more eco friendly

As you would expect, we care strongly about the environment at identilam and would like to share with you a few tips to make your event badging greener. The following are four small changes which could make a big difference if enough people are onboard!

Tip 1

There is understandably a lot of negative energy at the moment surrounding the use of plastic wallets and badge holders at events, however this doesn’t necessarily need to be the case as they can now be supplied manufactured from recyclable or recycled materials. Of course the other thing to do is to collect them all up when delegates are leaving, (this could be as simple as having a collection bin next to the exit door) and re-use them at another event. Therefore as long as you are careful with your choice of material when ordering, it means that even if delegates bypass your collection bins, the wallets can be recycled at a later date.

Tip 2

Of course you could decide not to use a plastic wallet or holder at all. However for the badges to be durable enough to survive the duration of the event they will likely need to be manufactured from something more robust than standard paper. Traditionally this would have been a PVC badge and now… it still could be a PVC badge, however a biodegradable one. At identilam when a client orders a PVC badge, we will supply a biodegradable PVC badge as standard. If you are dead set against PVC then there are other options that are robust enough to last without a wallet, including our idhesive fanfold badges which are also water and tear resistant.

Tip 3

My third tip is to go for a reusuable option such as our window badges. This sort of badge can be branded with a logo or design and can be used time and time again. It’s strong, its robust, it’s good looking and best of all it’s good for the environment. Simply change the paper insert with the persons name on and use again for someone else.

Tip 4

My final tip is about the accessories that are used with your badges, specifically lanyards. If you use lanyards and are looking for something that is a bit friendlier to the environment, perhaps consider R-PET/Eco lanyards which are manufactured from recycled plastic bottles rather than the standard polyester lace.


I hope that these tips are helpful to you, if you would like to know more about anything mentioned above please get in touch by calling 01293 851711 or emailing .