Stay safe with antimicrobial badges effective at 99.9%

Stay safe with antimicrobial badges effective at 99.9%

Antimicrobial badges for a safer check-in process

Pre-printed badges can be touched by many different people before and during your event (production team, welcome staff, attendees, security staff…). With our antimicrobial protection effective at 99.9%, you can be sure that these badges won’t spread microbes, bacteria and viruses at your event.

  • NEW antimicrobial protective coating
  • Custom design and variable data
  • Manufactured in the United Kingdom

The science behind our new antimicrobial badges

How antimicrobial badges work

Active, non-toxic components eradicate the conditions that bacteria and microbes need to survive and spread. It destabilises their cell membrane, stops their respiration, inhibits cell division and blocks the replication of DNA. Viruses use bacteria and microbes as hosts. By eliminating 99.9% of microbes and bacteria, our antimicrobial badges also help stopping the spread of viruses.

Independently tested and certified

Our antimicrobial badges have been tested and certified as effective at 99.9% against microbes and bacteria. COVID19 virus cells are not yet available for commercial testing. However, this product is proven to be highly effective against other Human Coronaviruses (ISO 21702 Human Coronavirus NL63) which have similar cell structures. Contact our experts for more details.


Size70x100mm as standard. Other sizes available on request.
Minimum quantity
Lead time

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    Custom design

    These badges are printed on both sides with your full colour design. Each unique badge can be customised with variable data (name, job title, company, role at the event, etc.) and a barcode for access control and attendance tracking.

    Badges you can print yourself

    Our protective coating is applied during the production of the badges. However, if you want to print badges yourself, we have developed a special protective label for our printable pvc badges (credit card size). Contact our experts for more details.

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