Control access and use cashless payment with RFID badges

Control access and use cashless payment with RFID badges

Why choose RFID badges

Contactless technology creates a seamless experience for your attendees with easy access control and cashless payment. It also gives you the opportunity to capture more attendee data than ever before.

  • High security

    with reliable access control

  • Seamless experience

    including cashless payment

  • Data tracking

    on attendance and behaviors

Custom-printed RFID badges

We produce quality custom-printed contactless badges that are durable and waterproof. They are a great option for multi day events and outdoor event. The badges will be printed on both side in full colour with your design. Each unique badge can be customised with variable data (name, job title, company, role…).

RFIDEncapsulated chip (not visible)Laminated sticker (visible)
Finishgloss or mattegloss or matte
Thickness1000 microns850 microns
Size70x100 as standard, other sizes on request.70x100 as standard, other sizes on request.
Minimum quantity
Lead time

Printable RFID badges

You can print these badges yourself using our Badge&Print software and one of our specialist printers. The idhesive badges are supplied as labels. Both sides of the badge are printed at the same time. You can then add an RFID tag sticker and stick both sides together. The tag will be hidden and protected. The idcard pvc badges can be supplied as printable contactless smart cards.

RFIDSticker hidden between the 2 sides of the badges before they are sticked together.Encapsulated chip (not visible)
Matérialadhesive coated paper or PPPVC
Thickness820 microns
Size96 x 134 mm or 82 x 102 mmCR80 credit card size 85.6 x 54 mm
PrintingBadge&Print combined with our Express badge printerBadge&print combined with our plastic card printer
Minimum quantity
Lead time

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    RFID id badge readers

    Unlike barcodes, which must be scanned, RFID chips can be read in rough proximity to a reader. The readers can either be connected directly to a computer or operate over a wifi network for real time monitoring. Our readers can be purchased for ongoing use or hired for the duration of your event.

    Compatible with RFID systems

    Our contactless badges can be used with most RFID system. They are also compatible with our Badge&Track attendance tracking software. It allows you to monitor the attendance to your event. Contact our experts for a more details.

    Discover Badge&Track, our attendance tracking software

    Looking for smart access cards for staff identification?

    Discover idensys by identilam

    Looking for smart access cards for staff identification?

    Discover idensys by identilam