Create an exclusive experience with premium VIP badges

Create an exclusive experience with premium VIP badges

Premium VIP badges

Make your event stand out with our premium badges. You can use them for your guest speakers and high profile delegates to participate to an exclusive experience. You can also decide to use them for all your attendees, for instance for an event in the luxury industry or a festive year-end celebration!

  • Luxurious finishes

    gold, silver, bronze, glitter…

  • Wateproof surface

    for outdoor events

  • Printed in the UK

    on a CO2 neutral printer

Metallic VIP badges

Metallic finishes offer endless design possibilities. For instance, you can get a very elegant look with a dark background combined with thin silver letters. But you can also get a bolder statement with a gold background and colourful illustrations.

Gold badges

Our gold finish gives a festive and luxurious look to your badges. Black and gold is a safe and elegant choice. We also love bolder palettes with deep shades like midnight blue, burgundy or emerald-green.

Silver badges

Silver will make your design modern and sophisticated. Most pastel colours such as light pink or light see green work well silver. You can also prefer a more contrasted palette like turquoise or cherry red.

Bronze badges

Bronze brings a warm touch to your badge design. It is very much on trend together with copper and rose gold variations. Bronze works well with white, ivory and black, but also strong colours such as teal or fuchsia.

Shinny VIP badges

We also offer very creative and unique finishes such as subtle glitters or pearlescent optical effects.

Glitter badges

Pearlescent badges

Finishgold, silver, bronze, glitter, pearlescent
Thickness830 to 920 microns depending on finish
Size70x100mm as standard, custom sizes and shapes on request.
Minimal quantity
Lead time

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