Switch to ultra fast onsite printing with our printable name badges

Switch to ultra fast onsite printing with our printable name badges

Our best printable ID badges for onsite badge printing

Print. Peel. Stick. That’s it!

These badges are supplied as labels in fan fold format. First, both sides of the badges are printed at the same time in just 6 seconds using our Express badge printer. Then you just have to peel the label and stick the two sides together. Finally, you can attach event lanyards directly to the pre-punched badges.


“We have used the idhesive badges at three events so far and absolutely love them. They make our badging so much easier and faster. Being able to print them on both sides and just stick them together has saved a lot of time for our staff. When you’re making 500+ badges it makes a big difference!”

Marketing and Partnership Executive, CLA ( The Country Land and Business Association) -

Our choice of materials for printable badges

We have 3 different material options that you can choose from depending on your requirements. All our idhesive printable name badges can be transformed into RFID badges with a sticker.

Idhesive Plus

This is our most popular material. It is very strong and allows you to attach a lanyard directly to the badges.

Idhesive Premium

This material is ideal for intense multi-day events and outdoor events. It is completely waterproof and tear-resistant.

Idhesive Eco

This is a recyclable option suitable for one-day events. Both sides of the badge are held together by a lanyard.

Idhesive PlusIdhesive PremiumIdhesive Eco
MaterialAdhesive coated paperAdhesive polypropylenePaper 190 gsm
Large size96 x 134 mm96 x 134 mm-
Medium size82 x 102 mm82 x 102 mm75 x 105 mm

Printable ID badges for standard printers

Our Idhesive badges in fan fold format are our most popular option for onsite printing. That is because they can be printed in full colour in just 6 seconds (that’s about 600 badges per hour!). If you prefer not to invest in our Express badge printer and use your office printer, we have alternative options for you.

Idhesive badges for standard printers

Our Idhevise badges are available in A5 format so that they can be printed with standard office printers. The printing speed will depend on your printer and your design.

Paper inserts for reusable holders

If you are printing the badges before your event, we have a range of printable badge inserts. They can be printed with your standard office printer and put in reusable badge holders.

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