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15th December 2021

How To Design An Event Name Badge

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Many companies make event name badges to display important information. Conferences, events, and other large gatherings can all benefit from event badges.

A name badge can be personalised with a person’s name, a logo such as their company’s logo, and other important information such as their job role.

Event name badges make it easy for people to identify who you are and where you are from.

It is beneficial to have an event name badge design in mind before creating your name badges. Stickers, plastic badges, printable, PVC, tear-proof, and even recyclable badges are all options for event name badges.

After you’ve decided on the best material for your event name badges, you can start thinking about your id badge design. You can look for event badge design templates online or create your own from scratch.

Most event name badges allow you to select the finish you want. A design finish improves the appearance of your design. The most common finishes for event badges are matte and gloss. Metallic, glitter, or coloured finishes, on the other hand, may be better suited if you’re looking for other finishes to stand out or match your event branding.

What Information Should Be Included in your Event Badge Design?

Consider what information should be included on your badge when looking at event badge design templates or brainstorming id badge design ideas.

The name of the guest is usually included, but you may also want to consider the company and job role. Another piece of information you should include is your event logo, as this is a creative way to promote your event via name badges.

Including variable data on your event name badges is one way to stand out and create designs that your guests will remember, show to their friends/colleagues, and enjoy. A seat number is an example of variable data that you might want to include; this makes it easier for your guests to find their way around.

Adding personalisation to a badge, such as ‘John Smith – Identilam,’ will make your visitors feel much more valued than simply having ‘visitor’ or ‘guest’ on their badge.
Remember that event name badges should be easy to read and shouldn’t not have too much information on each one.

ID Badge Design Ideas

Creating event name badges is exciting because you can be creative with how they look and how you want people to perceive the information.

Here are some examples of ID badge designs:

Badges with Barcodes

custom badgesIncluding barcodes is a great idea for event badge design. Barcodes are a dependable method of controlling access and monitoring attendance at a conference or event.

It’s also a good way to shorten check-in times and gain access to site services. Identilam can create custom barcode badges for your event.


Eco – Friendly Plastic Badges

glossy eco badge and lanyardEco-Friendly Badges are made from recycled materials and are made of plastic.

If paper badges aren’t the right type of badges you’re looking for, recycled badges are a great option to consider.

Identilam provides eco-friendly event name badges that can be easily customised to meet the needs of your event.

Custom Shaped Event Name Badges

If you want to think outside the box or create some event badges that will stand out, creating name badges in different shapes is a great option. Maybe you’re considering a circle badge, star, or diamond badges. Identilam offers 50 different custom shapes, or we can create a custom tool just for your event.

RFID Event Name Badges

RFID badge and lanyardHave you thought about RFID name badges? RFID is a contactless technology that can be embedded in name badges.

RFID is a reliable access control measure that can set your event apart from the rest.

RFID provides high security, cashless payments, and the ability to collect more attendee data than ever before. RFID badges also provide guests with a more seamless experience.

Why Should you Buy an Event Name Badge from Identilam?

We at Identilam believe that badges are the first step toward a “Nice to meet you!”
At Identilam, we see event badges as starters of authentic and meaningful human connections.

With 35 years of experience and extensive industry knowledge, we provide effective badging solutions and are committed to assisting you in creating the perfect event name badge.

We also offer badging services. If you need on-site badging systems, badging software, express printers, or plastic printers for your event, we can help.

You can speak with one of our event name badging experts today to determine the best badge and possible badging solutions for your needs. Call us today on +44 (0)1293 851711