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24th August 2021

How To Measure Attendance at an Event

event badgesEvent attendance tracking can be a hugely useful tool for event organisers and planners. While attendance tracking is easier for some events, it can be more challenging for others, especially if using a manual tracking system.

Now, with RFID, QR codes and barcodes, event attendance tracking is a simple task, no matter what type of event you are hosting. Each RFID, QR codes and barcodes can be printed onto or incorporated into event name badges and passes. Just scanning these codes using a handheld scanner or smartphone app can offer easier tracking, admissions and greater security at exhibitions, conferences and other events.


Why use event attendance tracking systems?

Attendance tracking software can have a wide range of benefits, beyond simply understanding how many people come to your event. With many tracking options becoming more accessible and affordable, here are some of the main reasons why any event organiser should consider attendance tracking.

  • Control event access and security.

Monitoring admissions can help to ensure that your venue does not exceed maximum capacity. Some barcode scanners or attendance tracking software can be customised, with the potential to set limits on the amount of attendees who can join your event. Additionally, using RFID chips and barcodes can also ensure that only authorized attendees can enter your event. The tracking software can also be programmed to immediately flag any visitors who are using the same ticket for multiple entries. 

  • More efficient future event planning.

With the data collected on admissions and attendance at previous events, event planners can scale and adjust similar future events to meet the estimated attendance level and average duration of each attendee’s stay. This can save money and resources and ensure that event budgets are used in the most efficient way possible.

  • Measure how effective pre-event marketing activities have been.

Using data collected from previous event admissions, marketing teams can understand how effective their campaigns and strategies have been leading up to previous events. This can also show which marketing tactics resonate the most with your target audience, for higher attendance at future events.

  • Improved admission efficiency.

Using RFID, QR codes and barcodes can make ticket checking and admission a much smoother experience for guests and staff. Guests can simply scan their barcode or chip at touchpoints throughout the event to register attendance. This can also be done by a member of staff using a barcode scanner device or app. Avoiding the need for long lines for registration or lost paper tickets.

  • Gain a better understanding of the needs and habits of your attendees.

There is a wealth of information available from tracking attendance. Event planners can see which guests arrived, at what time they checked into the event and how long they stayed for. If using RFID as a method of attendance tracking, cashless payments can also be incorporated into the event name badges, allowing for even more data collection on attendee habits throughout the event. This data can be analysed and actionable insights created for more effective future event planning.

  • Reduce paper usage.

More and more businesses and individuals are taking a stand against global climate change and consumer waste. By using a RFID enabled, barcoded or QR coded name badge, your business can reduce the paper waste it produces from classic ticketing. Many event badges can simply be reused for future events after reprogramming the QR code, barcode or resetting the information stored on the RFID chip

How to track and count attendance at events

There are several options for tracking attendance at events, most commonly, event planners reach for barcoded or RFID enabled badges. Both of these options offer a simple, convenient and contact-free way of attendance monitoring and admissions. For both of these options, attendees will need a badge or pass and event organisers will need a badge scanner or badge scanner app.  

Each attendee will have a unique barcode or uniquely coded RFID chip in their attendance badges, that will act in much the same way as a standard ticket number on a printed ticket. Once guests arrive, they will need to have their pass scanned to register their time of arrival and track the time they spend at your event. If your event is low on staff, self badge scanners can be placed at specific locations throughout your event. 

By using a unique barcode or RFID chip, event organisers will be able to track check-ins and be notified if duplicate check-ins occur using the same event pass. Offering a simple and reliable alternative to standard attendance monitoring. 

Data from scanning barcodes and QR codes can be stored ready for analysis after the event. Using this data, you will be able to easily see how many people attended your event, how many no-shows you had and how long guests stayed for. Providing useful insights for planning and budgeting for similar future events.

Get started with event attendance tracking using Identilam’s event tracking software

Event attendance tracking offers so much more than simple admissions. With a whole host of benefits that extend beyond the duration of your next event, admissions monitoring is the path to more efficient and guest-friendly events. 

Our Bage&Track software at Identilam is designed to make tracking, controlling and reporting on attendance at your next event, conference or exhibition, easier. Developed by UK engineers, Badge&Track can be included as part of our badge printing software and onsite service, so you can design. print, manage and track all in one place. You can also rent or buy badge scanners from us for your event. 

To find out more about our Badge&Track system and our conference badge and lanyard solutions, get in touch with our helpful team today