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Nigerian Economic Summit

Case Study

In October 2017 the Nigerian Economic Summit (NES23) was held in the Nigerian capital Abuja. This annual event brings together key figures from Government and both the private and public sectors to discuss development issues and economic policies across Nigeria. This year Senantra Ltd managed the badging of Delegates, Press and Organisers, along with attendance reporting, using the identilam Badge&Track system in conjunction with the Doppie 3500LD badge printer.

identilam supplied five Doppie 3500LD badge printers, 12 software licenses, along with two Badge&Track scanning modules. Handheld barcode readers were used to track delegate attendance over the three days, with live scanning and reporting to monitor attendance at plenary and breakout sessions.

Several thousand badges were produced, with a number of these printed in advance of the event and transported to the venue in our Conference Card Caddies for easy distribution. The remaining badges were printed onsite with delegates able to register and print their own badges on arrival. The idhesive express badge printers were chosen for their speed and quality of print, with full colour badges printed in around 5 seconds.

Senantra chose our 102x82mm, tear and water resistant idhesive badges for this event. These were printed double sided in full colour with four event logos, a coloured band to denote category and personalised with a photo, name, organisation and a unique barcode for tracking.
Screen share software was used between UK and Nigeria to provide remote training on system operation prior to use.

The event proved to be a massive success and we received some excellent feedback from Senantra;

“We had a blast in Abuja. Everyone was so excited at the new machines we brought in. There were so many comments about how fast the printers were. We sure made our mark and left a lasting impression; kudos to your team as well. We were like super stars, I don’t regret coming to identilam. Please thank the entire team on our behalf”