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15th December 2021

How Do RFID Badges Work?

RFID badge and lanyard Whether you’re planning a small event or a multi-day conference, security and guest satisfaction will always be at the forefront of your mind. How can you keep your event controlled and secure while ensuring your guests are having a great time?

Our custom-printed RFID conference badges provide a simple but fantastic way of keeping your event safe, with benefits that are guaranteed to increase your guest satisfaction.

This blog will answer the following questions:

– How do RFID badges work?
– What is RFID technology? We will provide you with an RFID badge definition and discuss the different types of RFID badge solutions
– How can you use RFID badges for events?
– How can Identilam help you create RFID security badges?

At Identilam, we are committed to providing the highest quality badge solutions for your events. From tearproof badges to plastic badges, we hold the key to making your event a security success!


RFID Badge Definition - What is RFID Technology?

So, what is RFID technology? If you’re looking for an RFID badge definition, look no further!

Radio Frequency Identification, or RFID for short, is a technology that allows digital data to be transferred from an RFID chip to a scanner or reader via radio waves. You might be thinking this sounds familiar, and that’s because it is! RFID technology is used in everyday life, if your pet is microchipped or you’ve used a fob to enter a building then you’re an RFID pro already.

RFID technology controls access, allows cashless payments and is great for tracking attendance which makes RFID security badges a brilliant addition to any event.

There are two main types of RFID badges for events, holographic and embedded:

Holographic – Holographic stickers are usually visible on your RFID conference badges and appear as laminated stickers on the front of the badges. However, with our idhesive badges, the stickers are placed between the two sides of the badge for a less visible approach to RFID event badges.

Embedded – More subtle than holographic stickers, embedded RFID conference badges have the RFID chip encapsulated within the badge itself, hidden from view.

Depending on whether you order standard, express, idhesive or idcard RFID event badges will determine how the RFID appears on your badges. Our idhesive and idcard RFID security badges are available to print yourself. You can use our Badge&Print software to print in batches and have your event secure in no time at all!


Using RFID Badges for Events

Now you know what RFID technology is…how can you use RFID badges for events? There are many benefits of RFID security badges as they can make your event safer, improve your guest experience, and enable you to gain key insights from your event such as attendance:

Access Control – RFID security badges ensure that only people with permission can gain access to your event. This keeps your conference secure, and also reassures your guests that they’re in safe hands which will make them feel more comfortable and relaxed. Also, if you are hosting an event with different categories of guests, you can control who’s able to access each area – not everyone can be a VIP now can they?

Cashless Payments – What’s worse than queuing for ages to get a drink instead of being able to socialise and chat with other guests? Queuing for ages and then realising you’ve left your purse in your bag, which is being stored in the conference bag hold. With our RFID conference badges, you can use them to make cashless payments! This reduces queues and prevents that sinking feeling of reaching for your wallet and it not being there.

Social Media Integration – Did somebody say free promo? RFID badges for events can be used to create more social interactions between guests, and can provide easy and quick ways to post on social media during your event. Say goodbye to tote bags with your branding on them, and hello to custom-printed RFID conference badges! Want to take your promo to the next level? Attach your RFID security badges to our custom lanyards so you can have your brand front and centre at all times.

Attendance Tracking – At Identilam, we know you also want to make your next event better than your last. You can do this in a number of ways, but tracking attendance and gaining insights is a crucial way to do this. With our Badge&Track software, you can monitor attendance throughout the event, as well as after. You can
find out more about tracking attendance with RFID conference badges in our recent blog.

How Identilam Can Help You Create RFID Security Badges

At Identilam, we want you to have the best event possible. We understand how important security and guest satisfaction are. Your guests shouldn’t have to settle for long queues and you don’t want the problem of uninvited guests turning up which is why we offer custom-printed RFID badges for events.

Are you also looking to minimise the impact of your event on the environment? Check out our range of eco-friendly badges, and learn more about how to recycle any old conference badges you might have in our recent blog.

If you have any questions about RFID badges for events, get in touch with us or have a read of our FAQs.